Get Owner Financing When You Buy Land In Texas

Want to buy land, but having trouble finding a loan?

Now you can get owner financed land in Texas right here at Texas Acres.

What Is Owner Financed Land?

Owner financed land is land that you buy without a traditional bank loan. Instead, you make payments directly to the seller until the property is paid off. Owner financing is also known as “seller financing” or “owner will carry.”

What Are Down Payment Requirements?

We typically ask for 10% of the purchase price down. However, we try to offer flexibility to work with your budget.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Owner Financing?

For the buyer, there are many benefits of finding a property that the owner will carry.

  • There is more flexibility. While we still accept conventional financing options and Texas Veteran Land Board financing, our owner financing terms can be flexible. We can work with you on the length of your note and the amount of your down payment.
  • It can be more difficult to qualify for a reasonable bank loan. You have to come up with the full price in cash. With owner financing, you can have the convenience of making payments straight to the owner until you own the property.
  • You streamline the closing process. We prepare our own closing documents without the time and cost involved with a title company or bank.
  • Closing costs may be lower. The only fees we require are down payments and recording fees.

How Do I Find Owner Financed Land In Texas?

It’s easy! Simply visit our property search page and you’ll find a large number of available properties. We have farms, acreage, and land in Texas, often in Henderson County and Anderson County, but also in Houston County, Caldwell County, Comanche County, Tyler County, and Kaufman County. Looking for land for sale elsewhere? We are continuously offering new properties as inventory becomes available. Check back to our site often, or sign up below to receive updates.

How Does Owner Financing Work With Texas Acres?

We own all the properties that we have for sale, so we are able to offer you the option of bypassing the hassle of a bank loan and buying your property directly from us. Don’t put off this amazing opportunity to buy the property you’ve always dreamed of. Check out our inventory today!