If you are a country dweller at heart, you’ll love owning a piece of beautiful rural property in Texas. East Texas gives you an amazing combination of beautiful days, adequate rainfall, and wide-open space where you can spread out and enjoy all the best parts of rural living. Whether you want to own animals, do a bit of agriculture, or just enjoy the peace and quiet, check out the inventory of properties we have for sale. The best part about choosing one of the rural properties from Texas Acres is that we even offer owner financing. Read more on our blog about buying rural property today.

  1. Man looking across his rural property in East Texas.

    How To Invest In Rural Properties Wisely

    When you invest in land, you need to do so wisely. After all, it is an investment. It’s not as if you’re buying a shirt online that you can return if it doesn’t fit or if you don’t like the ma…Read More

  2. How Much Rural Land Do You Need?

    Most people buy land because it will make a dream possible. Sometimes, the dream is as simple as having a piece of land to call one's own. Other times, people buy acreage because they dream of farming…Read More