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Texas Acres provides the opportunity for our clients to purchase land through traditional financing, in cash, or through owner financing. Because we sell our own properties, there’s no need to negotiate with an agent or broker of any kind.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity to buy smaller tracts of land that have not previously been on the market since we subdivide larger acreage. This allows Texas Acres properties to be much smaller and more manageable for landowners.

If you’re looking to buy land, but having trouble securing a loan through traditional means, Texas Acres can help you purchase owner financed land. Owner financed refers to the purchase of land without need for a bank loan. We sell our properties directly to our customers, which means we can provide the opportunity to purchase land to those who may have difficulty securing a loan.

Owner-financed property sales make land available for a number of reasons:

  • Recreation
  • Hunting
  • Investment
  • Smaller scale ranching or farming
  • Building your dream home
  • Constructing a vacation property
  • Disaster preparedness

We built our business on a bedrock of honesty. We’ll always be upfront and transparent with you.

Integrity is at the core of our values. We always stand up for what we believe in.

The foundation of our great state and our company is hard work. We believe that hard work is always rewarded.

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